The Strategic Plan

  • In order to know where you are going and how you will get there, your organization needs a strategic plan.



  • Your plan must be based on your mission, vision, and values.


  • Your mission should tell what your organization does, not how it does it, not what it hopes to accomplish someday, but where you are at this moment.


  • Your vision describes where you hope your community will be at a future time and how will help achieve this vision.


  • Your values are the beliefs that affect every aspect of your organization.



  • You need both a strategic plan (generally covering three to five years) and departmental plans showing how each department will fulfill your goals and objectives by developing strategies and action steps.



  • A good plan results from participation of the board and staff at the goal and objective setting stage.


  • Strategic planning starts with a SWOT Analysis—through which your board and staff discuss and reach consensus on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your organization,



  • The departmental action plans are a design for reaching your objectives and your action steps must include budget, assignment of responsibilities, and time schedules.



  • Your plan needs to be a comprehensive one, including all aspects of your organization--program, staffing, technology, communications, marketing, facilities, and financial development.


We can help design your planning process, conduct planning meetings, and help evaluate the internal and external SWOT that will affect your planning. We can facilitate your planning retreat and prepare your planning document.