Seven Simple Strategies to Creating a Wildly Successful Fundraising Program

Are you not meeting your fundraising budget? Do you dread presenting that next financial report? Were your fundraising results less than you expected? Are you perplexed because even though your fundraising results are good, your nonprofit can never seem to get ahead? Then Seven Simple Strategies to Creating a Wildly Successful Fundraising Program is for you.

We show you simple ways to increase income without an increase in time. money, and effort; develop campaigns that best appeal to and attract individual, foundation, and corporate donors; and maximize your planning activities. You will have more time to deepen your relationships with donors, the crux of fundraising.

Seven Simple Strategies to Creating a Wildly Successful Fundraising Program is written for busy executive directors, development professionals, and board members who want to measurably improve the return on every fundraising dollar spent. It is designed to be read in one sitting or by grabbing a few chapters over lunch. More importantly, it gives you practical advice that you can easily implement without spending a ton of money.

It will help you:

  • Cut fundraising costs when costs cutting is necessary, using the remaining resources to maximum effect;
  • Compare the costs and benefits of different fundraising activities;
  • Design campaigns that respond to the unique generational cohorts' motivations and preferences for giving;
  • Make the most of your grant-writing efforts;
  • Understand corporate motivations for giving;
  • Implement financially successful fundraising events;
  • Create a profitable fundraising budget and calendar; and
  • Measurably increase your fundraising results.

Further, you will gain insights into the costs and benefits of different fundraising activities, including individual donations, grants, corporate giving, special events, and government contracts. You will learn how to connect with donors based on their unique motivations and preferences, designing strategies that they will respond to, resulting in bigger donations. You will be shown techniques that will maximize the time, effort, and money you spend in implementing fundraising activities. By the end of the book, you will be able to develop a fundraising plan that will increase your fundraising results, leaving you more money to implement your agency's mission and better serve the community.

Written as part of the Nonprofit Quick Guide™ series, Seven Simple Strategies to Creating a Wildly Successful Fundraising Program focuses on realizing the most amount of fundraising revenue using the least amount of organizational resources. Other books in the series address other areas of fundraising, such as development planning, grant writing, corporate contributions, fundraising communications, board membership, volunteerism, and career advancement, among others. If you want to grow revenues to keep up with increasing costs, improve financial performance and stability, or have greater ability to meet unmet or growing client demand, the Nonprofit Quick Guide™ series is for you.