Raise More Money from Your Business Community — The Workbook

The workbook provides practical tools to help you succeed in raising money from your local business community right away. You will learn to take the principles and tactics you learned in the book (if you've read it already) and put them to immediate use to help you raise more money from your business community this year.

In this workbook, you will find practical tools, checklists, worksheets, and tips to help you build relationships with your local business leaders, prepare appropriate materials to share with decision makers, and plan your solicitation strategy.

The book will help you prepare a list of prospective business donors, understand which businesses give cash, gift-in-kind, volunteers, and matching gifts. You will learn to identify new opportunities and develop the relationships you already have. This workbook teaches you how to identify the decision makers and how to reach them.

You will learn how to develop a plan to turn away from the "tin-cup mentality" and create a powerful statement to show companies that you are significantly impacting your community and their bottom lines.

This workbook provides tools to help you will plan one-on-one cultivation and group cultivation activities to help you build the relationships that lead to dollars.

The book outlines a step-by-step approach to building an annual business appeal. You will also learn about the ethics and public relations value of good stewardship and develop a plan to provide the stewardship businesses need in order to maintain a relationship with your organization.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One: Identifying Your Prospects

Chapter Two: Identifying Giving Opportunities

Chapter Three: Developing a Plan to Approach Companies

Chapter Four: Competition and Collaboration:

Chapter Five: Developing Your Economic Impact Statement

Chapter Six: Building Relationships with Corporate Leaders

Chapter Seven: Solicitation Strategies

Chapter Eight: Stewarding Your Corporate Donors