Raise More Money from Your Business Community

Raise More Money from Your Business Community: A Practical Guide to Tapping into Corporate Charitable Giving, is based on research and practical experience that will enable you to raise more money from your business community. You'll learn how businesses make decisions to give and the importance on learning "business speak." This book will help you:

  • Overcome the "Willie Sutton Syndrome"
  • Identify the types of businesses likely to give
  • Communicate with business leaders in a more compelling manner
  • Involve volunteers from the business world in your fundraising activities
  • Understand why businesses support their local communities and why some organizations are successful in their approaches to businesses and others are not.
  • Reach beyond event sponsorship as a way to involve the business community.
  • Understand the corporate/foundation relations fallacy and why it often does not work.
  • Learn the secrets used by successful nonprofits when asking for money from businesses.
  • Involve your board members in developing their business network for your organization.
  • Plan an annual business appeal.

You'll learn why a business appeal can boost all your fundraising efforts, even though statistics who that only 5 percent of philanthropy comes from the business sector. Successfully reaching business donors can help you raise money from individuals, gain corporate volunteers, and raise awareness of your organization.

Chapters include:

  • Corporate Philanthropy: Does It Exist?
  • How Businesses and Corporations Give
  • What's Happening in the World of Corporate Philanthropy?
  • Why Businesses and Corporations Give
  • Getting Started: Identifying Business Prospects
  • Getting Started: Cultivation Strategies
  • Getting Started: Making the Ask
  • Assuring the Future of Corporate Philanthropy: The Nonprofit Role
  • Assuring the Future of Corporate Philanthropy: The Corporate Role

The companion workbook, Raise More Money from Your Business Community — The Workbook, provides practical tools to help you succeed in raising money from your local business community right away. You will learn to take the principles and tactics you learned in the book and put them to immediate use to help you raise more money from your business community now. If you are serious about stepping up your game when it comes to raising money from your business community, then you'll want to get both the book and the workbook, in this money-saving bundle.

About the In the Trenches™ Series

This book is part of the In the Trenches series published by CharityChannel Press, the book-publishing project of the CharityChannel professional community. You’ll know an In the Trenches book not just by its cover, but by the author’s fun, upbeat writing style. But don’t be fooled by their down-to-earth approach and ample use of sidebars. In the Trenches books are authoritative and cover what a beginner should know to get started and progress rapidly, and what a more experienced nonprofit-sector practitioner needs to move forward in the subject.