• Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

Yes, Another New Book

Updated: Jan 24

I am currently working on three new books. Yes, I know I am a glutton for punishment. but I just love writing.

As I announced a few weeks ago my first coauthored book with Joanne Oppelt, is available on Amazon: How to Find New Donors and Get Them to Give Again https://amzn.to/36I3Ghf.

We have a second book available starting Feb 5: How to Advance in Your Fundraising Career. You can pre-order it here: Kindle: https://amzn.to/2FX57MS hard copy: https://amzn.to/2uaIEsT

About the New Book

Are you a fundraiser who wants to be happy and appreciated in your job? Who wants to earn more money? Would you like to branch out into a fundraising specialty, maybe more up or move on to a new organization? Or, try your hand at consulting? If so, we’ve written How to Advance in Your Fundraising Career just for you!

In this fast-reading book, we show you:

· What options are available in fundraising

· How certification can help you on your career

· Three quick steps to set you on the path to achieve your fundraising goals.

How to Advance in Your Fundraising Career is written for busy development professionals who want to move ahead in their career and find the exact fit for them. A Nonprofit Quick Guide ™, you can read it in one sitting or grab a few chapters over lunch. More importantly, it gives you practical advice that you can easily implement without spending a ton of money.

The authors help you:

· Find ways to get the education and training you need to advance in the field

· Understand how certification can help you land a job, get paid more, and feel good about your accomplishments

· Decide when it is time to move up, move one, or consider consulting

· Find the professional associations and networking opportunities that can help you achieve success.

· Create your own personal plan for success

You will learn how to assess your strengths and educate yourself in fundraising techniques and philosophy. You will get insights into how professional organizations can help you grow and make helpful contacts. You will be shown techniques that the authors used to succeed in their development professions and in consulting. You will be given the tools to set goals that are the right goals for you and make sure you are in that ideal job.


In a week or so you’ll be getting an email inviting you to my first Learn with Linda session for 2020, What Fundraiser Frannie Learned About the Seven Pillars of a Successful Fundraising Career. I hope you will sign up because in addition to a lively online session. I’ll be offering some free bonuses to kick off the New Year.


PS: If you’re curious about three books I am currently working, one is for nonprofits--it’s the next book in the Quick Guide Series: How to Run a Successful Cultivation Event. One is the sequel to my travel book Beyond Las Vegas: Road Trips from A to Z Volume 2. And one is a sequel to The Face of Jesus although with a different title—See This Christ, which will also have a study guide for book discussion groups.

By the way, watch for me next book in the Quick Guide Series, How to Build a Five Sar Board, which will be out sometime in March or April, and I’ll be doing a Learn with Linda on that topic in April.