• Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

Dear Friends and Colleagues

Updated: Jan 24

I am really excited about several things to kick off the year 2020!


First, I will be presenting with my good friend, Steve Titlebaum at the AFP ICON on March 29 at 4 pm on Fairy tale wedding, marriage of convenience or out of necessity? Creating the perfect union between business and your nonprofit. I hope to see you there, and if you’d like to schedule a meeting with me in Baltimore, shoot me an email at Linda@LindaLysakowski.com.


Second, I have just formed a collaborative relationship, a three-way partnership between Stephen Nill, JD, and Joanne Oppelt, MHA. Steve has been my publisher, mentor, and friend for about thirty years. Joanne and have collaborated on writing and client projects for several years, and we may be “sisters from another mother.”

Joanne and I have recently published a new book, with Steve’s guidance. He is a wonderful guide for new and experienced authors, and I am sure you’ll be hearing more from Steve soon about this.

But back to our latest book, which is just the beginning of our plans for the future. How to Find New Donors and Get Them to Give Again. It will be available Jan 21, 2020 but you can pre-order it here: https://amzn.to/36I3Ghf.

About the Book

Are you looking for new donors to your nonprofit? Do you know where to go to find new donors? Are you losing more donors than you gain? Are you struggling to just meet budget? Do you want to increase your fundraising revenues year over year? If so, we've written How to Find New Donors and Get Them to Give Again just for you!

In this fast-reading book, we show you:

· Where to start searching for loyal donors

· How to build relationships with individual, foundation, business, and government donors that result in a donation

· How to keep your donors engaged in your mission and excited about your organization so that they give again and again.

How to Find New Donors and Get Them to Give Again is written for busy executive directors, development professionals, and board members who want to acquire new donors and increase their annual fundraising income. As a Nonprofit Quick Guide (TM), you can read it in one sitting or grab a few chapters over lunch. More importantly, it gives you practical advice that you can easily implement without spending a ton of money.

We help you:

· Identify new donor pools and motivate prospects to give

· Understand and respond to the unique individual, foundation, corporate, and governmental motivations for giving

· Retain your new donors, getting them to give that second and third gift

· Create donor communications that work

· Drastically improve your fundraising results

You will learn how to connect with potential donors where they are, using strategies that they will respond to. You will get insights into why different types of donors give. You will be shown techniques that successfully tap into individual, foundation, business, and government charitable objectives. You will be able to craft donor communications that increase donor retention. By the end of the book, you will know how to recruit and engage new donors, significantly increasing the chances they will give again.

Written as part of the Nonprofit Quick Guide (TM) series, How to Find New Donors and Get Them to Give Again focuses on generating revenues specifically through donor acquisition and retention. Other books in the series address other areas of fundraising, such as development planning, grant writing, corporate contributions, fundraising communications, board membership, volunteerism, and career advancement, among others.

If you want to grow revenues to keep up with increasing costs, improve financial performance and stability, or have greater ability to meet unmet or growing client demand, the Nonprofit Quick Guide (TM) series is for you.


As I mentioned, our collaboration is designed to bring you some amazing educational opportunities. We will be publishing a Quick Guide every month in 2020—topics ranging from Building a Great Board to Eight Questions Grant Funders Want Answered. Watch for them as they are released.

Also, Joanne and I will be offering free webinars, coaching sessions, training sessions, and courses. You’ll be seeing emails from us soon announcing my first Free Webinar in February.

I hope your New year’s resolutions including learning more about fundraising, because we will make that the easiest resolution for you to keep.

Happy 2020!