• Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

I Love Virtual Learning/Teaching

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

I love Virtual Learning. It’s more cost effective for the student and students can listen at their own pace. There’re no travel expenses for students or instructors. That is certainly appealing to most of us.

As you know I have a number of courses available for nonprofits and I've recently added a full year subscription to all my courses at a crazy low subscription rate of $299 annually for all courses. Check them out

https://www.lindalysakowski.com/nonprofit-consulting-how-to-course .

If you are interested in teaching a course on my website, let me know and we can talk about it. If it does not conflict with any of my courses, I am happy to put it on my site. You prepare the content and I’ll load it on my site and you’ll get 60% of the sales after the small fee Teachable takes out.

Or if you’d rather set up your own school, go to http://sendmeto.teachable.com/ntRzW and set up your own account. I love the Teachable site, it is easy to use, and I am by no means a “techie.” If you decide to set up your own site, I am happy to become an affiliate. Standard affiliate fees are 30%. As an affiliate I will promote your courses as well as my own.

Please email me if you have any questions. Linda@LindaLysakowski.com