• Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

Do You Have 100% Board Giving

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

I just did two free webinars on Board Giving this week. We had more than 100 people join us from as far away as Athens, Greece and South Africa, to as close as Las Vegas, where I live, and West Chester, PA, close to were I used to live. Two of the people on the webinar had 100 percent giving from their boards, but still wanted to learn more about board giving. We polled the groups several times and found a few interesting things:

  • The average board size was 21, with a low of three for a start-up organization to a high of 50.

  • The average percentage of board giving was at 56%, with a low of 0% and a high of 100%.

  • Most people said their board doesn’t get involved in fundraising because they don’t know how, with some thinking it’s not their job, and some having a “tin-cup mentality.”

  • Many solicit their board members at recruitment, at orientation, at board meetings, and several are doing it right—as part of their annual appeal before they approach others. Learn more about this in my book: https://amzn.to/2JYf78E

If you’re struggling with board recruitment, board education, or board performance, you may want to take our six-lesson course which covers all these aspects of board development in addition to board giving and fundraising.

Details on the course agenda:

We all want a five-star board. But how do we get there? It starts with the recruitment process, assessing your board’s needs, and finding the right people to serve. It continues with developing board leaders who strive for excellence and understand the importance of assessing their own effectiveness as a board. Effective board members will also be effective fundraisers for your organization. In this six-lesson course, you will learn:

  • How to assess your board performance, and the performance of individual board members

  • How to develop and use a board job description

  • How to find and recruit god board members

  • How to steer your board to excellence

  • How to turn your board members into star fundraisers.

Lesson Summary:

  • Lesson One: Building a 5 Star Board—roles and responsibilities of board members

  • Lesson Two: Assessing Your Bard—tools to help you and your board access their performance as a board and that of individual board members

  • Lesson Three: What Should the Board Look Like—how many board do you need, how many committees should you have, and how to create a diverse board

  • Lesson Four: Board Recruitment—get rid of your meeting committee—there’s a better way to do it!

  • Lesson Five: Steering Your Board to Excellence: Providing the board with the education, training, and inspiration they need to become effective leaders.

  • Lesson Six: The Board and Fundraising—how to eliminate the three Gs of board fundraising, how to inspire them to give and get

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