• Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

Our Sale is Over, But Don't Be Sad if You Missed It.

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Our Sale is Over! But don’t be too disappointed if you missed it!

On March 30 we announced our one-week only sale. It you signed up for a $99 course, thanks, I hope you enjoy it!

While it’s too late to get any or all our courses for the crazy low price of $99, they’re still a bargain. Think what you’d pay of you had to take time off work, travel to a conference, stay in a pricey hotel, and pay hefty registration fees. Wouldn’t you rather stay home, learn at your own pace, and pay anywhere from $497 to $1,099 to get a comprehensive course (anywhere from four to eight lessons with tons of supplemental materials and unlimited online support)?

More good news!

Most of our students say the biggest issue they have is in recruiting and retaining good board members that really understand their role. So, we have a surprise for you! The prices on our Build a Great Board course and Board Bound Leadership (for board members) will remain at $99 for another week! Sign up by April 16 and get either or both courses for just $99 each.

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