Your Fundraising Roadmap

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Broaden Your Fundraising Program to Include More Lucrative Money-making Methods

Let me ask you some tough questions:

  • Do you spend too much time with special events, to the detriment of other, more lucrative forms of fundraising?
  • Are your events losing participants, but your board doesn’t want to give them up?
  • After you take into account total costs, including labor, are your events generating enough net revenue (“profit”) to make them worth it?
  • Are you discouraged that your hard work is not paying off the way you want?

If your nonprofit is “addicted” to special events, I can help. The 12-Step Cure to Even Addiction can help you get out of your rut.

Just be warned. I do not pull punches. We’ll take a good, hard look at the real costs of special events. (Better send the children out of the room.)

I am not advocating doing away with events. I am advocating, though, that you carefully choose the right events for your agency and that you design them to be a springboard to more cost-effective, less stressful, and more productive types of fundraising.

And, true to its title, we’ll follow a carefully designed 12-step path to grow your development program beyond events.

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