Advancing Your Fundraising Career

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Everything You Wanted to Know about This Crazy Career Known as Fundraising

Are you thinking about a career in fundraising so you can make a difference for a cause you care about? Are you already in the field, but you are not sure if this is the right organization and the right position for YOU?

Or, do you work for a nonprofit that is looking to hire a fundraising person and are not sure what to look for?

You’re not crazy, trust me! Fundraising is one of the hottest careers in the world, and I applaud you for entering this noble profession.

I left a career in banking to enter the nonprofit sector at a nonprofit university.  What I learned in my banking career helped me in fundraising, but I knew I had a lot to learn about philanthropy. And I worked hard to learn it! My hard work paid off; within five years, I was a CFRE and running my own consulting firm.

This course is my opportunity to teach you what I’ve learned, including how to avoid mistakes that can hold you back.  You will see what it means to work in the nonprofit sector, the options available in the field of fundraising, and what it takes to advance. You will know what type of fundraising jobs are within reach, what you need to land a job, and what you need to be successful at it.

So, if you’re thinking of a career in fundraising, advancing in your career, or looking to hire excellent development staff, you’ve come to the right place. Sign up now to find out what all the excitement is about!

Who can benefit?

Development officers, and boards and executive directors hiring development staff.


What will you learn?
  • The qualities needed to be an effective fundraising
  • The various opportunities available within development
  • How to prepare for the career you want
  • How to position yourself for a promotion
How to get certified?

This course is approved to 3.75 CEUs through CFRE International, if you would like a certificate stating you completed the course, just ask.


Module 1:
  • 1:10 hour. Fundraising as a Profession
    What is the 3rd Sector?
  • What is Fundraising?
  • What Specialties are Available with the Profession?
Module 2:
  • 50 minutes What Makes a Good Fundraiser?
  • Skills and Talents Needed
  • Misperceptions about Fundraising
Module 3:
  • 1:00 hour Opportunities for Advancement
  • Opportunities in Different Specialties of Fundraising
  • Are You a Generalist or a Specialist?


Module 4:
  • 45 minutes Being a Professional
  • Building a Philanthropic Culture
  • Setting Your Career Goals


Fee: $199 $99


Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to the whole fundraising thing, is this course for me? Yes, you will learn how to adapt from other careers into the nonprofit sector, and fundraising.

We’re planning to hire our first fundraising staff, will this course help? Yes, you will learn what to look for in a fundraising professional.

How will this course help me with advancing in the career? You will learn different opportunities for growth, and how to decide the best tole for you, and how to set goals to help you land that dream job in fundraising.