Nonprofit Strategic Planning: Do It Right

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Learn How to More Effectively and Efficiently Meet Your Mission and Achieve Your Vision Through Good Planning

Is your staff floundering because they’re not sure what their goals and purpose are? Is your board sick of so-called “strategic planning”? Can you hear the groans when you even mention the word?

Let me help you turn their groans into excited words of praise when they discover how a properly done strategic plan can help your organization thrive and grow.

So, are you ready to have your strategic plan work for you in achieving your organizational programmatic and financial goals?

As you progress through this course, you will earn how to create a plan that works — one that helps your organization achieve its mission and fulfill its vision. You will know what a good strategic planning process involves, who should be included in the planning process, what the final plan should look like, and how often it should be reviewed and updated. You will learn about compiling research data, conducting planning retreats, and establishing measurements so the plan can be easily implemented, evaluated, and updated.

You will receive templates and samples you can use right now to create your plan and subsequently measure your progress toward it.

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