Create a Development Plan That Works

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Learn How Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan Can save You from Going Insane

Does your organization get distracted by every new fundraising idea that comes down the pike? Do your executive management and board expect you to raise unreasonable amounts of money in a short time frame with no resources to help?

Let me show you how to change your predicament. All this turmoil can be avoided through a well-written development plan.

Learn how to get started in developing your plan, who needs to be involved, what a comprehensive development plan should look like, and how to implement and evaluate the plan.

We will cover what the development plan is and is not, and how it helps you stay on track and not get derailed by every shiny object that comes down the road. You will learn why it is critical to involve the right people in the planning and where to get the information you need. You will also receive samples and templates which you can use right away to help create your plan.

So, if you want to save yourself a headache (and maybe some aspirin), take Create a Development Plan That Works. Sign up now!