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In my Learn with Linda™ online sessions, we roll up our sleeves and dive into the nuts-and-bolts of fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Sessions are a half-hour or so, yet are packed with the very information you need. I also provide information about my related online courses so that you can step up your fundraising game to a truly professional level.

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Get Rid of Your Nominating Committee: Course Build a Great Board

There is a huge untapped source just waiting for you to raise big bucks. And it might not be the usual suspects. We’ll dispel the Willie Sutton Philosophy of Fundraising and tell you how to build relationships with business leaders that can help you raise money from your local business community.

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Strategic Planning: Turning “Oh, no ☹” into “Oh, boy 😊”

Does your board jump for joy when it’s time to update or start a new strategic plan? If you’re like most nonprofit directors, you’re probably saying, “Yeah, right. They moan and groan and find excuses because they are too busy to do it, or think you don’t need a plan, or it’s not their job to do it!

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