The Development Plan


Ø In order to know where you are going and how you will get there, your organization needs a complete development plan, which is a vital part of your overall organizational strategic plan.

Ø Your development plan must be based on your strategic plan.

Ø You need both a long-range development plan (generally three to five years) and an annual action plan, outlining your program for the year.

Ø A good plan results from participation of the board and staff at the Goal and Objective setting stage.

Ø The annual action plan includes strategies for reaching your objectives, including areas of budget, staffing, resources needed, and time schedules.

Ø Your plan needs to be a comprehensive one, including all aspects of the development process – including technology, communications, campaigns and appeals, staffing, volunteer involvement, and board involvement. 

If you need help with your plan, I can work with you to create a plan that will work and focuses on all aspects of your organization that affect fundraising.

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