Training Specifically Designed for Board Members

Are you a frustrated nonprofit board member trying to meet what seems like unrealistic expectations? Are you looking forward to serving on a board and aren’t quite sure what to expect? Are you a nonprofit executive who wants to help board members understand their role?


A Must for Learning How to Build a 5-star Board

In this course, I’ll show you how to recruit the right board members, train them, and inspire them to become effective leaders. You will learn how to assess your board’s overall performance and the performance of individual board members, how to develop and use a board job description, and how to turn your board members into fundraisers. I provide you with plenty of tools you can access immediately and start to use.


Do you need help but can’t afford to hire more staff?

Far too many organizations engage volunteer fundraisers, if at all, in just special events and menial support tasks. Through this course, you will learn how to engage volunteers in all your fundraising activities, find the right volunteers for the right task, and orient, train, and educate them.


Gain the Skills Necessary to Bring in Large Gifts

There are lots of courses out there on major gifts, most focusing on how to make the ask. My course is different. Instead of just focusing on the ask, I teach you the relationship-building skills that result in those big gifts.


Take the Pain out of Your Capital Campaign. You Can Do It!

Are you intimidated by the idea of a capital campaign? Do you have questions about how to run a successful capital campaign, where to find donors, and how to approach them for money? Do you dread your upcoming capital campaign because you’ve heard how disruptive and challenging they can be?


Learn How Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan Can save You from Going Insane

Does your organization get distracted by every new fundraising idea that comes down the pike? Do your executive management and board expect you to raise unreasonable amounts of money in a short time frame with no resources to help?


Everything You Wanted to Know about This Crazy Career Known as Fundraising

I left a career in banking to enter the nonprofit sector at a nonprofit university. What I learned in my banking career helped me in fundraising, but I knew I had a lot to learn about philanthropy. And I worked hard to learn it! My hard work paid off; within five years, I was a CFRE and running my own consulting firm. This course is my opportunity to teach you what I’ve learned, including how to avoid mistakes that can hold you back.


Thinking about Consulting? This Course Will Give You Everything You Need to Succeed as a Consultant

Are you seriously considering becoming a nonprofit-sector consultant and need a plan for getting started correctly? In this course, you will learn options for structuring your consulting practice, how to choose the services you’ll offer and the markets you will serve, how to market your services, and how to sell yourself and your expertise to clients.


Learn How to More Effectively and Efficiently Meet Your Mission and Achieve Your Vision Through Good Planning

Is your staff floundering because they’re not sure what their goals and purpose are? Is your board sick of so-called “strategic planning”? Can you hear the groans when you even mention the word?Let me help you turn their groans into excited words of praise when they discover how a properly done strategic plan can help your organization thrive and grow.


Raise Thousands of Unrestricted Dollars by Strategically Tapping into Your Area Businesses

Let me show you how to build relationships with business leaders, present your case to businesses, cultivate business leaders, run volunteer-driven business appeals, and much more to successfully raise money from your business community. I’ve used this methodology to take an organization from raising $6,000 a year from local businesses to raising $500,000 from that same business community. How did I do it? I’ll show you how, step by step.


Learn How to Fix Common Fundraising Problems and Make the Most of Your Time and Effort Think before you answer this provocative question:

Is your fundraising bucket leaking? If there is one thing I’ve seen far too often in my decades as a fundraising practitioner and consultant, it’s that too many programs are falling short of their potential – by far. Let me help you. In this course, we’ll look at nine critical aspects of managing the fundraising process, what too many nonprofits are doing wrong (including, maybe, yours), and how you can get back on track.


Broaden Your Fundraising Program to Include More Lucrative Money-making Methods

I am not advocating doing away with events. I am advocating, though, that you carefully choose the right events for your agency and that you design them to be a springboard to more cost-effective, less stressful, and more productive types of fundraising.


Learn How to Successfully Attract Donors to Your Cause by Effectively Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story

Do your website, promotional communications, elevator speech, etc. reach their potential in telling your story in a way that attracts donors? You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about storytelling lately. But do you have the right story to tell? Most nonprofits do not have an up-to-date, written case for support. This is the starting point; without it, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to consistently and effectively tell a compelling story across all of its communications with potential supporters. Let me help you not only tell your story but also to develop the right story to tell.

The Primer Course for Anyone Who Wants to Master the Nuts and Bolts of Fundraising

Do you need to raise lots of money but don’t know much about fundraising? Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of your job? Or are you a volunteer just trying to make sure your agency has enough money? I’ve designed this course executive directors and other staff members who must come up to speed with the various fundraising disciplines. It’s also popular with board members and other volunteers who wish to ensure that the organization thrives.


What is annual giving? It’s not your annual mail appeal or email appeal. And it is not relegated to something you do once a year. 

This course will consist of eight lessons, approximately 30 minutes in length for each lesson with 4.5 CFRE Credits. Your will learn all the methods of direct response and how each one works. You will also learn some ways you possibly haven’t thought about before. We will talk about direct mail, email, social media, website giving, telephone fundraising, in person giving from businesses and individuals. We will also talk about renewing, retaining, and upgrading annual donors.