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Why do you need a case for support?

People give because they believe in your mission, vision, and values, and because they want to make a difference in the life of a child, a person, a family, their community, or the world. Your case for support encompasses your organization's:

Ø mission, vision, and values

Ø history

Ø programs and services

Ø credentials and uniqueness

Ø community needs and your solutions

Ø opportunities for the donor to become part of the solution

It gives people opportunities to participate in your vision and tells them “what’s in it for them.” Your case for support needs to be written from the donor’s perspective.

The case for support is the source document for all your fundraising or campaign materials:

Ø Leadership case statements

Ø Brochures

Ø Website

Ø Speeches

Ø Press releases

Ø Fact sheets

Ø Grant applications

Ø Social media content

Ø And more

The author of your case statement needs to “get inside your organization” and understand it from the donor’s perspective. Often an “insider” can’t do this, because they don’t have the broad perspective. I will immerse myself in your organization while, at the same time, understanding what motivates the donors. I can write your case for support and help you translate this case into the various media you will need to tell your story.

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