Capital Campaigns


I can help you:

Ø Conduct a Virtual Feasibility/Planning Study

Ø Prepare Your Capital Campaign Plan

Ø Prepare Your Campaign Case Statement

Ø Consult on Specific Areas of the Campaign

Ø Train Your Campaign Volunteers

In most cases, I recommend conducting a feasibility/planning study before entering into a capital or endowment campaign. The feasibility/planning study can help determine the likelihood of a successful campaign, educate your constituents about your organization’s needs, and begin the donor cultivation process.

Once you decide to proceed with a campaign, I offer complete campaign management or assistance with selected aspects of your campaign. My services include coordinating the process of establishing the campaign leadership, preparing the case for support, assisting with recruiting additional campaign volunteers, managing the solicitation and reporting process, coordinating your plan for stewardship, and supplying general counsel related to your campaign. For clients who need a limited amount of consulting help or have a limited budget, I offer a Virtual Campaign Management program which offers online and telephone strategizing and training with occasional on-site consulting and training.

If you are thinking about a campaign, you may want to review my complimentary readiness test to see if your organization is properly positioned to conduct a campaign. If you cannot answer these questions to your satisfaction, I can help with any of the readiness steps needed. If you are ready for a campaign, I can assist you with managing your campaign or selected services as needed.

Are You Ready for a Campaign?

Ø Ask for my questionnaire and return the completed form it to me for a one-page recommendation of what you need to put into place before launching a capital campaign.

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