Board Bound Leadership

Serving on a nonprofit board of directors is a rewarding, yet challenging, task. Board Bound Leadership: The Four Essentials empowers individuals with the tools and knowledge needed for success as nonprofit board members.

After hearing over and over again statements like, “What are my responsibilities?” or “I’ve never done that,” Dr. Victoria Boyd and Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE knew they had to write this book. With over 60 combined years working for or in the sector, they used their vast experience to simply and clearly outline what it means to be a nonprofit board member.

The authors help eliminate fears or uncertainty by providing the foundation and understanding of four key essentials: Leadership, Governance, Assessment, and Fundraising. The authors help prepare everyone to be effective, learn what to expect, define roles and responsibilities, and understand the unique aspects of the nonprofit sector. They dispel myths and map out the skills needed to be an effective and dynamic nonprofit leader.

There has never been a resource for the board members like this before. You will learn how:

  • Leadership is unique
  • Governance is the cornerstone
  • Assessment is the key to growth

Fundraising is not a dirty word; it can be fun! This is the go-to resource for every nonprofit organization.