Restructuring Your Board   

board development Feb 23, 2021

When all else fails, you may need to look seriously at your board and restructure it with people who are willing and able to be involved in fundraising. Following are some ways to help you restructure your board:

  • Make certain to include a provision in your board position description that outlines the board member’s expected involvement in your fundraising program.
  • Be sure that the board resource committee reviews this provision with all prospective new board members and that the prospective board members agree to it before being invited to serve on the board.
  • Make sure there are term limits on your board and that they are enforced.
  • If some of your board members refuse to participate in fundraising, do not nominate them for another term when their first term on the board expires.
  • Ask your board chair or the chair of your development committee to speak privately to board members who are not participating in fundraising, and encourage them to get involved.
  • Plan educational sessions on various aspects of fundraising so board members will understand fundraising strategies and feel more comfortable with the process.

What Should Your Board Structure Look Like?

While every board is different typically boards function best when they are large enough to have an active committee structure, with a different chair for each committee. Most committees should also include non-board members to allow you to draw on a broader array of expertise. Plus, this is a great “training ground” for potential new board members. I am happy t send you samples of what a typical board looks like; however, every board is different depending on the needs of the organization.

Board governance has long been associated with the three Ws, the three Ts, the three Cs, and the three Gs. In another article, I offer something more positive.

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